Wall Of Contributors

Bellow are the beta testers that helped us shape Jexia by providing us with valuable feedback.
In order to thank our community of contributors we have put together this Wall of contributors page.
Thank you Jexia contributors.

Jitendar Chauhan (aryanrajput)

Don't think that you have been lost, prepare yourself and try again and again.

Giritheja Sreenivasulu

Your code’s advocate

Joshua Angelo Bienes

Full Stack Web Developer Aspirant

Sasi Pranay

Rafael Ferreira (@rafaelblink)

The Matrix has you...

Taher Pardawala

Jhon Andrew Baes (@jhon-andrew)

Filipinos can do it too!


Fullstack Developer & IA Inthusiast

Unni M



Technical Lead | Architect


Just another developer​​

Shivam Shukla


Jayant Rajwani (@jayantrajwani)

BugTrapper and Full Stack Developer (ASP.NET)


Your code’s advocate


Web Application's enthusiast on the prowl for learning new frameworks

Devlin Pajaron (@iamdevlinph)


Arif Khan

Senior Android Developer

Prabhakar (prab97)

Talk is cheap, show me the code


Keep making Jexia more awesome

Kanishka Chakraborty (@Kanishka-Developer)

I code.

Leonardo Perria


Luis Raúl Espinoza Barboza (@lreb)

Software engineer and entrepreneurial enthusiast

Darpan Jyoti Bora



Nirjhor (@nirjhor123)

A clean thought may solve the problem easier

Tushar Vishwakarma


Neil-Jan Mattheuz Palima (neilpalima)

Software Engineer

Aadil Hasan (@aadilhasan)

Javascript is love

Ashique Imran (@AshiqueImran)

Passionate about representing imaginations through coding


Minh Son Nguyen


Mohammed Arshad Khan (@devarshad)

Full stack developer with Visualization skill

Rahul Singh (@rahulsingh-js)

Build with simplicity

Bhargav Mehta

Your well wisher


Programming is my life

Pepito Raviz Jr

Making the world a better place

Lakshmikanth Vallampati

Improvisation for Excellence

Nikhil John

Learn, Apply and Share Knowledge

Wésley Queiroz

Web developer & Web lover

Saineshwar Bageri

The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future.


Code Advocate

Nabeel Ahmed (@nabeel-ahmed-jami)

Feel the magic in the Air

Lucas Costa (@lucascosta)

Passionate Javascript developer

Ritwik Sharma

Open Sourcerer

Sanket Redkar (sanket-redkar)

Pillar of Innovation


Make let not var

Ansh Gujral


Sergey Okhrymenko

Ninja code warrior


Software Engineering Student aka your code's advocate

Mohan Yadav

I turn Coffee into Code

Amanjot Singh (@aman2talk)

Be inspiration yourself

Guddu Khan


Dante O. Cuales, Jr. (@danteocualesjr)

Software Engineering Student

Khomesh Thakre (@khomesh24)

Enthusiastic Open Source contributor and Python developer

Deborah Digges

Software engineer at Intuit

Sebastian Sastre (@sebastianconcept)

Fullstack specialized generalist

Richard Nobel

Software Engineer

Lakshay Nagpal

There's always a way, you just have to find it

Sahil Khosla (@sahilkhoslaa)

Be Strong, I whisper to coffee


AI Developer and Tech Speaker

Jariel Joash Gojar (@Jariel97)

Helping people, one code at a time

Hiren Mangukiya

Making fun with PHP and Jquery

Aman Sharma

CEO Atlancey and multi-timezone developer


Your code’s advocate


Full Stack developer (MEAN / MERN)

Shubham Khan (@shubhamkhan)

Different thinking makes something new

Tanmay Dharmaraj

Wizard Of Eurekas

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