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Developer platform

Jexia is creating a platform with a wide range of services & features integrated into a single platform. You will have access to powerful tools that empower you to build modern applications faster and easier than ever.
Build any application

Build any application you envision

From open-source projects to enterprise software, in the language you are used to. Jexia will provide native SDKs for languages such as JavaScript / Typescript, Angular, Node.js, iOS, PHP, .NET and Golang.
Build any application

From project to URL

Once your application is developed, you will be able to easily deploy it to Jexia Cloud and make it available through a URL. No server and infrastructure configuration headache.
Build any application

Extend to your needs

Jexia will not be limited to its own services and features. The platform allows you to customize and extend the core to suit your needs and combine Jexia with other services.

Built for developers

Jexia is for Developers, Software Agencies and SaaS Vendors. It is being built for those wanting to focus on software development and the application itself, instead of time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as server and infrastructure configurations and maintenance.

For Any Application

Developing on Jexia Platform means you will be able to build professional software: from a modern web or mobile app to your own SaaS platform, without having to think about infrastructure, reliability or performance. Of course, you will be able to develop in the language you prefer.

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